It started as a single year, but I am still in Italy after 7 more!


dalla Bosnia in Italia per un anno... e più

I still remember that moment, while sitting on the bus and thinking about another usual school year that was ahead of me, when I received a phone call from Intercultura Bosnia and Herzegovina and was told that I was accepted for a year-long exchange program in Italy. That was the call that changed my life and started my journey.
A month later, I arrived in Naples.

When I first enter in my new house, my host father told me: “Now this is your house, feel free to do anything you want”.
And, truly it became my house, and my host mum, dad, brother and sister along with the rest of the family became my true family, my Italian family.

There are no words that could describe our relationship; we simply connected and after a few months, it felt like we knew each our entire lives.

Naples is an amazing city and living there was a wonderful experience. The sea, the Vesuvio, beautiful nature, historical places, small streets with the laundry hanging between buildings, a dialect spoken, delicious food, but above all, friendly and welcoming people, always with a smile on their faces, make the city the ornament of the south.
During my year there, I was able to discover all of its beauties.

That year we were around 15 international students in Naples. We used to hang out a lot together, trying to improve our Italian and discover hidden places around the city.
It was a great opportunity to learn about and understand other cultures as well. I am still in the contact with some of them and two years ago my dear friend Rhiannon from New Zeland stopped by Milan just to visit me. It was a great feeling to see her after 6 years and chat about the unforgettable moments we lived together.

Rhiannon and I went together to Saronno for 7 days on a mini excursion organized by Intercultra. During our vacation, we visited Milan a few times where I had the opportunity to meet a friend from my high school in Bosnia who just started studying at Bocconi University.

While wandering around the streets of Milan, he told me everything about his university experience, life in Milan, and the possibility to win a scholarship for international students. All he told fascinated me and I knew I wanted to experience all of it myself and continue my studies in Italy, which later happened.

After finishing the last year of high school in Bosnia, I was accepted at Bocconi and won a full scholarship. I completed both my Bachelor and Masters studies there and currently I am working for Deloitte.

I have been living in Milan for 7 years already and I enjoy my life here.

When I look back, it all seems like a puzzle to me, a puzzle I have been constructing over time starting from the first piece: my experience with Intercultura.
Throughout all these years, my host family has been always present in my life giving me endless love and support. We speak on a daily basis and whenever there is an occasion, I go to visit them or they come visit me. I guess there few places in the world where such wonderful people exist.

At the time when I was an Intercultura student, in Bosnia it was not possible to choose the country were you would like to go for an exchange. The only way to get in was to win the scholarship and I was chosen to go to Italy. There is nothing I would change about my Intercultura experience and my life afterwards.

I found my new home in Italy, made lifetime friendships and became a better person. Italian people and their culture make this country a unique place, and a wonderful place to live in.


dalla Bosnia in Italia per un anno... e più

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