Come to Italy

If you are seeking a destination where you can study abroad, full of breathtaking places to visit, wonderful food to eat, friendly people to meet and many activities to do organized by volunteers, Italy may be it!

Every year, almost 1,000 students from all over the world choose Italy as their destination for attending a full school year, a semester, a trimester or a bimester abroad. Hosted by local families, the students are enrolled in an Italian public high school where they can meet new friends, learn more about Italian culture and live a complete, life-changing experience.

Here are some stories from our exchange students!

Meet Kia, from Thailand to Rome for one year:

Keiko, from the US to Florence for one year:

Fiona spent a month in Italy with our special Art program:

Or read Marie's story, from South Africa to Canicattini Bagno, Sicily, for two months

Do you want to know more? Download our booklet "Volare è...", which shows you what life for an exchange student in Italy is like!

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