Come to Italy

If you’ve ever thought about studying abroad, Italy must have come to your mind! Who wouldn’t want to live their exchange year in a country full of breathtaking places to see, tasty food to eat and friendly people to meet?

Wonderful Italy - My AFS Experience
Follow Sonia from Indonesia, Lucas from Argentina, Holly from Denmark, Shahd from Egypt, Newman from Hong Kong, Olli from Finland, and Zeynep from Turkey as they tell you about their wonderful year in Italy.
Note: if you don’t speak Italian (yet!), don’t forget to turn on closed captions by clicking on the "CC" icon at the bottom of the YouTube player.

A typical day

What’s a typical day for a high school student like in Italy? Which moments will you share with your host family? Will you have time to meet with your Italian friends? And… don’t forget school!

Sonia, from Indonesia, is here to tell you everything about her everyday life in Italy. Watch the video!

Fun and friends

Being an exchange student definitely isn’t a lonely experience: friends will be a huge part of your year in Italy, becoming just like another family! When the time comes to go back home, there will be so many things you’d like to take with you… if only they fit inside your backpack!

Watch the video to learn more about Lucas and Holly’s experience, from Argentina and Denmark.

Discovering new passions

Maybe you didn’t know you liked photography because what surrounded you was just “ordinary” life. Or perhaps you didn’t expect you would ever be able to pursue your passion for music right in the living room of your new home, with your host mother!

Shahd, from Egypt, and Newman, from Hong Kong, will tell you about their pursuit of new and old passions during their exchange year in Italy. Watch the video!

Growing up

We won’t lie: being an exchange student, abroad for up to a whole school year, is certainly not easy. But living this experience with the help of AFS and its 5,000 volunteers in Italy will make it feasible and definitely worthwhile!

Having some kinds of concerns is normal: Olli, from Finland, and Zeynep, from Turkey, will tell you about theirs and how they overcome them with the volunteers’ help. Watch the video!</

Are you ready?

Every year, almost 1,000 students from all over the world choose Italy as their destination for attending a full school year, six months, three months, or two months abroad. Hosted by local families, the students are enrolled in an Italian public high school where they can meet new friends, learn more about Italian culture and live a complete, life-changing experience.

And it’s not over! Living such an amazing experience with AFS will make you part of the so-called #AFSeffect: a worldwide community of like-minded people, a network of 400,000 alumni who proudly call themselves AFSers from the moment of their departure and for the rest of their lives.

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